The Geneva Centre for Human Rights Advancement and Global Dialogue (“The Geneva Centre”) welcomes the opportunity to engage with journalists and with media outlets. The Geneva Centre’s media team regularly supports international press to obtain relevant background information pertaining to issues related to de-radicalization, Islamophobia, the rise of extremism, inter-religious tolerance, the promotion of equal and inclusive citizenship rights, the advancement of women’s rights in the MENA region and the Right to Development.

The Geneva Centre’s Chairman Dr. Hanif Hassan Ali Al Qassim and its Executive Director Ambassador Idriss Jazairy are recognised spokespersons on issues related to the promotion and the enforcement of human rights in the Arab region. Their contributions on current affairs have been cited by major news publications in Europe, Middle East and in Northern Africa. For more information on recent statements and commentaries issued by the Geneva Centre’s spokespersons, please consult Press Releases and Editorials on our website

We encourage media to cover the activities of the Geneva Centre to promote and advance human rights in general and in the Arab region in particular. The following requests will be given due consideration by the Geneva Centre’s media team:

  • (1) Organizing a visit at the Centre’s Headquarter in Geneva;
  • (2) Setting-up interviews with the Centre’s spokespersons;
  • (3) Requesting the Centre’s spokespersons to submit commentaries and op-ed publications in relation to issues related to the promotion of human rights;
  • (4) Obtaining copies of the Centre’s publications;
  • (5) Requesting information about forthcoming training programs;
  • (6) Partnership opportunities.

All requests can be sent to our media team at


or via our contact form !