Enhancing Global Dialogue

The Geneva Centre aims to enhance global dialogue between different stakeholders located in the Global South and Global North. 

It regularly organizes conferences, panel discussions and side-events in a UN context aiming at bringing together a variety of stakeholders such as the United Nations (UN), intergovernmental organizations, governments, civil society, academia, independent human rights actors, the private sector and the public to discuss human rights topics of global importance.

Directing Research

The Geneva Centre is committed to conducting research that is truly independent and provides insights about human rights in the Arab region keeping an open mind on multiple viewpoints on human rights issues. The Geneva Centre’s research policy is needs directed. It aims to focus its research efforts where they are most valuable, and  to identify areas where existing mechanisms are not fully equipped to promote, protect, or respect human rights.

Building bridges

Human rights should be the essential drivers of national policy in every nation in the world, and the Geneva Centre recognizes that increased awareness about the importance of human rights is the first and most important step one can take in this direction. The Centre collaborates with relevant actors to hold exhibitions and other cultural events and develops specific communications strategies aimed at raising awareness about human rights through communications and advocacy .

Capacity Building

The Geneva Centre focusses its capacity building efforts on government officials, national human rights institutions, lawyers, journalists and other civil society representatives.

It works with independent human rights experts to develop targeted capacity building programmes to enable these groups to participate optimally in existing human rights mechanisms, which can be challenging for non-experts and for those outside the United Nations system.